• About Elimz

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    Hello people! I am the founder of this army! I have tons of army experience! The first army I was ever in was the Ice Warriors! Youtube led me to armies in clubpenguin. I was amazed. So I joined! The first army I ever made was the Jokesters! But now, I basically quit all my armies! Except this one! I love to talk about myself and I want to get to know you all too. (Did you know I'm a girl?) Okay, bye! If you want to know more about me, talk to me on chat!

  • About Theramagic

    I like the (ancient) Greek civilization. The first part of my username Thera is Greek for wild. Also I absolutly despise the color pink. I think it is 100% evil. However I adore the color green. This is the second army I have been in and I think it is awsome! (I'm also a girl.) I found this army on the IW site and even though i used to hate small armies I decided to join this one and found out that it is AWSOME!

    Have a great day
    An amazing year
    And an Awsome Life!

  • Tangerine Army Staff

Allies And Enemies


Nature Army

Cheese Warriors

Agent Sheep Army




15 Responses

  1. THX DUDE! UR MY ALLIE IM WITH NATURE ARMY! HERES THE SITE! naturearmycp.webs.com plz go! still two slots for general!

  2. Don’t call me dude, dude. And yes we are allies even though im confused why you cursed in chat.

  3. Look trevor just GET OUT. You are annoying get out before I curse you out again. Ha, have no other armies? Are you doing this because you got bullied in the past? Just get out.

  4. srry ELMIZ i cursed cuz my big bro gets on my computer i can’t help that

  5. Hello i would like to ask if u would like to be allies with meh army and i can be allies with urs. Just leave a comment on my site.
    Link: http://www.kwofcp.wordpress.com

  6. We will love to be allies please email me so I know we are

  7. i have a new email!!!!

  8. Hello Elimz and other Tangerine Army Soldiers! My name is Blueicedude. I am the leader/founder of the Volt Warriors. I am coming forth to ask for an alliance between our 2 armies. I see that you are a smaller army as well as we are. I think our alliance would help prosper both of our nations. Please respond ASAP. You can contact me on either my armies home site or my e-mail.

    My e-mail is blueicedude@gmail.com
    Here is the link to my site as well: http://vwarmy.wordpress.com/


  9. Also, if anyone else has an army that would like to have an alliance with the Volt Warriors, just contact me and we can work something out

  10. I represent a group known as the cp revolution. Our goal is to ally every anti disney, anti baybee, and army we can with each other. We think only unity can save cp. With all of our might we can restore order. If you are intrested please go to http://cprevolution.spruz.com/ What we can do so far is in the blog. You may create a group named after you own and have your members join that group so we can know who is in what army. Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from your group.

  11. hello elimz tell you since knight warriors was allies i changed the army to a new one so if you need to talk to me about plz do i was just telling u that my new army name is black avengers so yea. here is link http://bacpofcp.wordpress.com/

  12. Hey im ingujj3 can u plz add me to ur allies i would love to be ur allie! here is my army the dragon warriors of cp thx!!!!

  13. team gold is an enimie>:D

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