• About Elimz

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    Hello people! I am the founder of this army! I have tons of army experience! The first army I was ever in was the Ice Warriors! Youtube led me to armies in clubpenguin. I was amazed. So I joined! The first army I ever made was the Jokesters! But now, I basically quit all my armies! Except this one! I love to talk about myself and I want to get to know you all too. (Did you know I'm a girl?) Okay, bye! If you want to know more about me, talk to me on chat!

  • About Theramagic

    I like the (ancient) Greek civilization. The first part of my username Thera is Greek for wild. Also I absolutly despise the color pink. I think it is 100% evil. However I adore the color green. This is the second army I have been in and I think it is awsome! (I'm also a girl.) I found this army on the IW site and even though i used to hate small armies I decided to join this one and found out that it is AWSOME!

    Have a great day
    An amazing year
    And an Awsome Life!

  • Tangerine Army Staff

Add to elimz plan

Also target armies smaller then our own, b/c we are growing to a decent size ppl from their armies may join us b/c their own isn’t working! Also the leader of their armies will realize how hard it is to get ppl to join so, they may join b/c we are growing! But be warned when posting links on other armies chats, most armies don’t allow that so they will ignore you! So private chat ppl…and ask them 1 at a time to join!


when you google tangerine army the first two links are a difrent tangerine army! So we have to tell ppl click the third link!

Also our army dosn’t come up unless you type… tangerine army of cp! It dosnt work with tangerine cp army!

So we all need to be specific when we are recruiting.

Hi! please help to recruit!

I am the 2ic. please help recruit people by posting links to our site on other army sites.

Also, thank you for making me 2ic elimz!