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    Hello people! I am the founder of this army! I have tons of army experience! The first army I was ever in was the Ice Warriors! Youtube led me to armies in clubpenguin. I was amazed. So I joined! The first army I ever made was the Jokesters! But now, I basically quit all my armies! Except this one! I love to talk about myself and I want to get to know you all too. (Did you know I'm a girl?) Okay, bye! If you want to know more about me, talk to me on chat!

  • About Theramagic

    I like the (ancient) Greek civilization. The first part of my username Thera is Greek for wild. Also I absolutly despise the color pink. I think it is 100% evil. However I adore the color green. This is the second army I have been in and I think it is awsome! (I'm also a girl.) I found this army on the IW site and even though i used to hate small armies I decided to join this one and found out that it is AWSOME!

    Have a great day
    An amazing year
    And an Awsome Life!

  • Tangerine Army Staff

Party for proving we are active!

  1. Ok ppl I know you can do it…. be active! So we are going to have a party!

  2. the goal of this party is to be active and prove that this is not a fail army. So comment here telling me what days and what times you can come for a party.

  3. The date must be BEFORE July 11. So come on ppl… BE ACTiVE!

I’m thinking about merging.

Okay. I think I want to merge into another army. No one really seems to be active except theramgic and me and I want to go back to the Aqua Warriors. Aqua Warriors was once a medium army but it has fall into ashes. I want to build it up again… I think that’s a good idea. Comment your idea.

Active Count*OFFICIAL*

Okay. Sorry for being grumpy and that. I have a lot of bad days. Not only in this army. So I hope you guys understand. And here is a new fresh active post. Please comment if you are active or not.



Active 1-10:

And the leader elections will be postponed due to the new 2ic and 3ic election that will be held in July.

Elimz, lighten up!

Ok sooo, I know I will get in trouble for saying this but elimz please lighten up! Read the posts below and you will see alot of people getting mad at you for good reason! Sure people didn’t show up for the invasion but whatever! We already have alot of severs, clearly from the coments on the invasion site not alot of people were availible that day and lighten up! When I first posted on this site you reminded me that i could only post and not edit the site! AFTER ONE POST! And lets see, the numero10 guy?You overeacted, yes he chose another army over this one but, he was probably on that one first! And you know what you have to remember that we are kids sitting on our computer and that this is a game! People have lives outside of this army! What if you demoted somone because they didn’t come to an event and the only reason they didn’t come was because they’re grandma died?!? I am not saying my grandma died so I couldn’t come but i did have to study! Sure you gave no warnings to me but I think you are being harsh to everyone else (except spellwarriors, my failure army they deserve many warnings) So, I’m not quitting but lighten up! if you want people to come plan more events on saterday and sunday and be less harsh!

I’m not quitting, just stating the facts.


im sorry i couldnt come yesterday at snow angel.

i am sorry to everyone but mostly to elimz.

I knew  elimz would demote me but now i’ve learned my lesson next time i will definetly come to any event as long as i have time and again, i am very sorry.


Another reason Im quiting. People dont even get my name right -.-

Quiting on post 1

People here dont know what they’re talking about. Emilz said that we have enemies. What a liar. I wish I could go back to orange mafia. So I’m quiting. I didn’t make that one event because MY OWN ARMY HAD ONE. We invaded Yukon and now own 6 servers. So if you want meh back, Im not coming (6).

Emilz Im sure doesnt want me here anyways xDD

wow. disgraceful

No one showed up in the event. NO ONE. If you say your active but you don’t come to events, that doesnt mean you are. You better be active or I’m going to demote you all. Stop telling your active and show it. I am VERY disappointed at this army. I expected like at least one person to come. Snow Angel is not ours because only NE person cannot come to the invasion. P.S: Tjsdud, you are demoted. AGAIN. I have not seen you in the event even though I texted you TWICE and you did not comment on the active count. Warnings:

Number10open-You are 3ic. Do something. Write a post or something. I see you in too much armies and some of the armies are our enemies. I hope you know that.

Lexymad-Same goes for you. You are also 3ic. I barely saw you comment except when I’m doing active counts. Come to events. Come more often.

Theramgic-None this moment.


Spell Warriors That Joined- Comment on the post and MERGE means You are in part of this army. Wake up.

Jo8903,mrchatterbox and others-wow. You never even commented. How sad. I might as well remove you in the ranks.

Reminder: you could become a 2ic

so a while ago elimz posted saying that u could become a 2ic if she choses but not alot of ppl comented so this is a reminder!

f you want to be 2ic, comment here.




Active Count and Re-invasion

Comment if you are active. I will promote you guys. (unless you are owner rank)



How much times to you check this site?








P.S: The Snow Day is ours now! It’s our co capital!