• About Elimz

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    Hello people! I am the founder of this army! I have tons of army experience! The first army I was ever in was the Ice Warriors! Youtube led me to armies in clubpenguin. I was amazed. So I joined! The first army I ever made was the Jokesters! But now, I basically quit all my armies! Except this one! I love to talk about myself and I want to get to know you all too. (Did you know I'm a girl?) Okay, bye! If you want to know more about me, talk to me on chat!

  • About Theramagic

    I like the (ancient) Greek civilization. The first part of my username Thera is Greek for wild. Also I absolutly despise the color pink. I think it is 100% evil. However I adore the color green. This is the second army I have been in and I think it is awsome! (I'm also a girl.) I found this army on the IW site and even though i used to hate small armies I decided to join this one and found out that it is AWSOME!

    Have a great day
    An amazing year
    And an Awsome Life!

  • Tangerine Army Staff



Head: Red propeller hat/red ball cap

Face: red sunglasses/gold glasses/red face paint

Neck: Yellow Scarf/yellow cape

Body: Orange star t shirt/orange hoodie

Hand: Flame surfboard/red electric guitar

Feet: Orange sneakers


So far, non members just wear orange and red.

And if you have trouble with the uniform, comment.

7 Responses

  1. i dun have all of da clothes is dat okay?

  2. i can use the surf bord wear orange and turn orange ps. how do i post on the home page?

  3. can i just skip the face items

  4. and can i just wear anything orange for the shirt

  5. im wearing any thing orange is that ok?

  6. i dont have the head items but i can wear firestriker. And i can wear orange rocker shirt and skip the neck items.

  7. this uniform is cool but i like ic warriors better

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